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What is it about?

The Lafayette is a hotel boutique located in the heart of one of the coolest cities in the world, Tijuana inspired by the diversity and originality of the streets and scenes that surrounds us, we’ve created a space where we reimagined an old building full of history and stories, a space that has seen the city through all its changes.

All our bedrooms, public spaces, restaurant and bar were designed to feel vibrant, cosy and welcoming – like a home away from home.

Our in-house design, a team of local artists, architects and creatives, took inspiration in the art of upcycling and the history of the city and its people to tell a story through their design process, resulting in 12 uniquely decorated rooms, each one of them with its own personality.

Born through love.

Hotel Lafayette was born through a love story between Marie Lafayette and Juan Bachano, whose families did not approve of their love. A love so pure and so divine; with a fire so strong that it could survive all adversities.

They communicated through the letters she left for him at the hotel. In those letters, they expressed their feelings and Marie invited him to meet clandestinely in emblematic places in Tijuana and to explore the city together to make their love grow with more affection.

Misfortune struck these lovers with the death of Juan Bachano, due to the 1977 earthquake that shook Tijuana, just as he was leaving the last letter he wrote to his beloved, which was found in the rubble before the hotel was rebuilt.

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